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OBJECTIVES To better understand youth and adult community members' perceived causes and possible preventative steps to address the high Inupiat youth suicide rates in Northwest Alaska. STUDY DESIGN A five-item, open-ended survey focusing on community members' perceptions of suicide causes, warning signs, and protective factors was administered in the(More)
The objectives of this study were to: calculate revised estimates and projections of United States annual Down syndrome (DS) births for 1970-2002, and estimate the effects of amniocentesis on these baseline DS birth projections. Three models of amniocentesis utilization among 30-34 and greater than or equal to 35-year-old women were considered. The recently(More)
The history of amniocentesis utilization in the seventh largest state of the United States is documented from its inception in 1972 through the first half of 1984. Amniocentesis utilization ratios for Ohio residents aged greater than or equal to 35 have increased from 0.21 per cent (19/9091) in 1972 to 23.4 per cent (1655/7531) in 1983, representing an(More)
  • B A Goodwin
  • 1999
As the only major cardiovascular disease increasing in incidence and prevalence, congestive heart failure (CHF) is a major health threat. Progression of the disease often leads to severe disability and requires intensive medical and psychological management. Cardiac rehabilitation for CHF can improve a patient's functional ability, alleviate(More)
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