Brenda Clapper

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Phase-variable lipoproteins are commonly found in Mycoplasma species. Mycoplasma pulmonis contains a family of extensively studied phase- and size-variable lipoproteins encoded by the vsa locus. The Vsa surface proteins vary at a high frequency, the in vivo significance of which has yet to be determined. We investigated the role of Vsa phase variation in(More)
Lysogenization of Mycoplasma arthritidis with the MAV1 bacteriophage increases the virulence of the mycoplasma in rats. The MAV1 vir gene is one of only two constitutively transcribed phage genes in the lysogen. We show here that Vir is a lipoprotein and is located on the outer surface of the cell membrane. To investigate whether Vir is a virulence factor,(More)
Previous studies demonstrated that Mycoplasma arthritidis strain 158 acquired a high degree of virulence upon lysogenization with bacteriophage MAV1. In the present study, the association between MAV1 and virulence was reexamined by creating new lysogens of 158 and of a relatively avirulent mutant, strain 158-1. In the absence of lysogenization, 158 was(More)
Mycoplasma arthritidis causes acute polyarthritis in rats and chronic proliferative arthritis in mice. M. arthritidis-induced arthritis serves as a model for arthritis caused by infectious agents and as a model for examining the role of the superantigen MAM (M. arthritidis T-cell mitogen) in the development of autoimmunity. M. arthritidis strain 158-1 is a(More)
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