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This paper contributes a new model for Design Research that extends existing approaches by taking into account the neglected areas of design seeking and scaling in the underexplored area of workplace informal learning; we place an emphasis on design that is based on a new empirically base. We use PANDORA as an exemplary case study to identify and illustrate(More)
Our societies are considered knowledge societies in which lifelong learning is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, digital technologies are entering almost every aspect of our lives and now play an important role in education. The last decade has seen numerous new developments in the field of technology-enhanced learning. In 2004, George(More)
This workshop a i m s to bring together different experiences of various design approaches for active and early scaling up of the appropriation of tools and practices. There exists, many Design Research approaches for developing TEL, but synthesising these approaches into a systematic framework is rare, even more so for scaling the use of TEL to support(More)
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