Brenda A J Berendsen

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BACKGROUND Health is associated with amount of daily physical activity. Recently, the identification of sedentary time as an independent factor, has gained interest. A valid and easy to use activity monitor is needed to objectively investigate the relationship between physical activity, sedentary time and health. We compared validity and reproducibility of(More)
BACKGROUND Improving the lifestyle of overweight and obese adults is of increasing interest in view of its role in several chronic diseases. Interventions aiming at overweight or weight-related chronic diseases suffer from high drop-out rates. It has been suggested that Motivational Interviewing and more frequent and more patient-specific coaching could(More)
BACKGROUND The impact of physical inactivity and unhealthy diet on health is increasingly profound. Lifestyle interventions targeting both behaviors simultaneously might decrease the prevalence of overweight and comorbidities. The Dutch 'BeweegKuur' is a combined lifestyle intervention (CLI) in primary care, to improve physical activity and dietary behavior(More)
A valid non-wear algorithm for activity monitors is crucial to avoid the misclassification of sedentary time as non-wear time, and vice versa. Characteristics of the algorithm, such as time windows, should be well defined and tested. Furthermore, using tri-axial data might influence the algorithm's performance. This study assessed the optimal time window(More)
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