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To determine if improved postoperative recovery in surgical inpatients receiving intraoperative therapeutic suggestions are applicable in an outpatient population, 70 consenting, unpremedicated adults undergoing elective outpatient hernia repair under general anaesthesia were allocated randomly to either a therapeutic tape (TT) or a comparison tape (CT)(More)
  • Bree McEwan
  • Cyberpsy., Behavior, and Soc. Networking
  • 2013
Abstract Relational maintenance is connected to high quality friendships. Friendship maintenance behaviors may occur online via social networking sites. This study utilized an Actor-Partner Interdependence Model to examine how Facebook maintenance and surveillance affect friendship quality. Bryant and Marmo's (2012) Facebook maintenance scale was evaluated,(More)
Loneliness has been shown to have direct effects on one's personal well-being. Specifically, a greater feeling of loneliness is associated with negative mental health outcomes, negative health behaviors, and an increased likelihood of premature mortality. Using the neuroendocrine hypothesis, we expected social inclusion to predict decreases in both blood(More)
Samples of belladonna pilular and powdered extract and tincture from two suppliers were analyzed by GLC as a cooperative effort between two laboratories to develop methodology with substantial improvements in sensitivity, specificity, precision, and working time over the present official method. This goal was achieved, but marked differences in response of(More)
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