Bree L. Richey

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A generalization of the allosteric model is presented that incorporates a hierarchy of conformational equilibria. Such a formulation draws upon structural organization already seen in many large macromolecular systems. The functional binding properties of the macromolecule reflect conformational equilibria at each structural level. Appropriate "nested"(More)
The authors examined intentions toward prospective employers with different alternative dispute resolution (ADR) policies and no ADR policy. In Study 1, students (N = 124) were randomly assigned to 1 of 4 conditions in which 2 variables, arbitration policy presence or absence and firm desirability, were manipulated. The presence of a voluntary, nonbinding(More)
We describe a "multistep reaction driven" evolutionary algorithm approach to de novo molecular design. Structures generated by the approach include a proposed synthesis path intended to aid the chemist in assessing the synthetic feasibility of the ideas that are generated. The methodology is independent of how the design ideas are scored, allowing(More)
The recent crystallographic observation of Brzozowski et al. demonstrates the existence of half-oxygenated haemoglobin crystals. At first sight this seems to imply the discovery of a unique molecule, defined by exactly two bound oxygens. However, the formation of crystals with a specific degree of ligation is predicted to occur when two distinct crystalline(More)
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