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As Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is becoming more and more wide-spread and pervasive in our daily life, it is important to get a realistic overview of the worldwide impact of ICT on the environment in general and on energy and electricity needs in particular. This paper reports on a detailed study to estimate this impact today and to(More)
—The ever growing bandwidth in access networks, in combination with IPTV and Video on Demand (VoD) offerings, opens up unlimited possibilities to the users. The operators can no longer compete solely on the number of channels or content and increasingly make High Definition channels and Quality of Experience (QoE) a service differentiator. Currently the(More)
Internet systems are currently too complex to be entirely designed in advance and therefore must be thoroughly evaluated in realistic environments. Experimentally driven research is at the heart of Future Internet Research and Experiment (FIRE) facilities, which target various experimenter profiles, ranging from core Internet communities and sensor networks(More)
The IBBT iLab.t technology centre provides computing hardware , software tools and measurement equipment to support researchers and developers in building their ICT solutions, and in measuring the performance of these solutions. Among other things, the iLab.t hosts several generic Emulab-based wired test environments called the Virtual Walls, and two(More)
The xStreamer intends to be a flexible and modular open source streamer. The selection of current open source streamers which support both video and audio is limited, with VLC Media Player, Darwin Streaming Server and Helix DNA Server being the foremost solutions. The xStreamer distinguishes itself by providing a modularity that goes beyond the mere modular(More)
—Ensuring and maintaining adequate Quality of Experience towards end-users are key objectives for video service providers, not only for increasing customer satisfaction but also as service differentiator. However, in the case of High Definition video streaming over IP-based networks, network impairments such as packet loss can severely degrade the perceived(More)
User satisfaction is a key factor in the success of novel multimedia services. Yet, to enable service providers and network operators to control and maximize the quality (QoS, QoE) of delivered video streams, quite some challenges remain. In this paper, we particularly focus on three of them. First of all, objectively measuring video quality requires(More)
In current society it is becoming more and more important to take energy efficiency considerations into account when designing information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. In ICT, vir-tualisation is being regarded as a way to increase energy efficiency. One such virtualization solution which can be realized trough grids or cloud computing is(More)