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Compulsory Bisexuality?: The Challenges of Modern Sexual Fluidity
Although Adrienne Rich once posited that “compulsory heterosexuality” required women to identify as heterosexual to comply with implicit social norms, this study examined the possibility of
Performing Sex: The Making and Unmaking of Women's Erotic Lives
Although conventional wisdom holds that women in the United states today are more sexually liberated than ever before, a number of startling statistics call into question this perceived victory: over
Coming to power: women's fake orgasms and best orgasm experiences illuminate the failures of (hetero)sex and the pleasures of connection
  • Breanne Fahs
  • Psychology
    Culture, health & sexuality
  • 30 July 2014
Implications for the relative failures of (hetero)sex, particularly in the context of gendered power imbalances, along with the importance of deconstructing the sexually ‘ functional’ or ‘dysfunctional’ woman are explored.
Rural location and exposure to minority stress among sexual minorities in the United States
Recently, there has been an increase in the number of studies on minority stress among sexual minorities. Few of these studies have explored the ways in which regional or spatial factors influenced
‘Freedom to’ and ‘freedom from’: A new vision for sex-positive politics
While the sex-positive movement has made a significant contribution to the advancement of women's sexuality, much of this work has emphasized ‘positive liberty,’ that is, women's freedom to expand
Dreaded “Otherness”
Research on bodies and sexualities has long debated ideas about choice, agency, and power, particularly as women conform to, or rebel against, traditional social scripts about femininity and
When Sex and Power Collide: An Argument for Critical Sexuality Studies
It is argued that critical sexuality studies showcases how sex and power collide and recognizes (and tries to subvert) the various power imbalances that are deployed and replicated in sex research.
Notes from the Back Room: Gender, Power, and (In)Visibility in Women's Experiences of Masturbation
Qualitative interviews with 20 women from diverse backgrounds were drawn upon to illuminate five themes in women's experiences with masturbation, revealing the power imbalances often present in partnered (hetero)sexual dynamics.
Region, Social Identities, and Disclosure Practices as Predictors of Heterosexist Discrimination Against Sexual Minorities in the United States
Exposure to heterosexist discrimination may vary by a person’s place of residency. Utilizing a minority stress perspective, an online survey of self-identified lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB)