Breanna Goss

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Children with special health care needs face many barriers to oral care and are at high risk for oral disease. School nurses are in a unique position to promote oral wellness in this vulnerable population. Collaboration between school nurses and dental hygiene faculty resulted in the formation of a partnership between a university-based dental hygiene(More)
A general practitioner trainee's workload over one year was compared with a sample of his trainer's workload in order to identify and explain any differences. In line with previous studies the trainee saw relatively fewer patients with chronic diseases, fewer women of child-bearing age and fewer elderly patients but more children, more men and more acute(More)
In a study of referrals to East Anglian hospitals 737 referrals in six specialties from three general practices were examined to see how accurately the hospital computer master index had identified the referring practice, the referring general practitioner and the doctor with whom the patient was registered. Although the practice was accurately identified(More)
A prevalence study of primary biliary cirrhosis was carried out in the state of Victoria, Australia, by means of a mail survey of specialist physicians and a review of hospital records. Eighty four cases were identified, giving a prevalence of 19.1 per million population (95% confidence limits (CI) 15.3, 23.7), which is among the lowest in published(More)
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