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Water balance and locomotor performance in three species of neotropical toads that differ in geographical distribution.
Water availability in the environment is a fundamental factor in determining the limits of geographical distribution and the evolution of the physiological characters associated to water balance inExpand
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ACTH modulation on corticosterone, melatonin, testosterone and innate immune response in the tree frog Hypsiboas faber.
The modulation exerted by glucocorticoids in physiological responses to stressors is essential for maintaining short-term homeostasis. However, highly frequent and/or prolonged activation of theExpand
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Associations of water balance and thermal sensitivity of toads with macroclimatic characteristics of geographical distribution.
Interspecific variation in patterns of geographical distribution of phylogenetically related species of amphibians might be related to physiological adaptation to different climatic conditions. InExpand
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Relation between Water Balance and Climatic Variables Associated with the Geographical Distribution of Anurans
Amphibian species richness increases toward the equator, particularly in humid tropical forests. This relation between amphibian species richness and environmental water availability has beenExpand
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Behavioral, physiological and morphological correlates of parasite intensity in the wild Cururu toad (Rhinella icterica)
Large numbers of parasites are found in various organs of anuran amphibians, with parasite intensities thought to modulate the host's Darwinian fitness traits. Interaction between the anuran hostsExpand
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Time-related immunomodulation by stressors and corticosterone transdermal application in toads
Immune responses have been mostly studied at a specific time in anuran species. However, time-changes related to immunomodulation associated with glucocorticoid (GC) alterations following stressorsExpand
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Calling rate, corticosterone plasma levels and immunocompetence of Hypsiboas albopunctatus.
During the breeding season, male anuran amphibians produce advertisement calls. Androgens play a permissive role in the activation of calling activity, which is often positively correlated toExpand
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