Braven Beaty

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At issue is the type of constitutive equation that can be used to describe all possible types of deformation of the neutrophil. Here a neutrophil undergoing small deformations is studied by aspirating it into a glass pipet with a diameter that is only slightly smaller than the diameter of the spherically shaped cell. After being held in the pipet for at(More)
The Clinch River of southwestern Virginia and northeastern Tennessee is arguably the most important river for freshwater mussel conservation in the United States. This featured collection presents investigations of mussel population status and habitat quality in the Clinch River. Analyses of historic waterand sediment-quality data suggest that water column(More)
Aedes triseriatus and Culiseta inornata mosquitoes were compared in their ability to transmit vertically La Crosse (LAC) and snowshoe hare (SSH) viruses. LAC virus was transovarially transmitted by 53% of Ae. triseriatus, the natural vector, and by 22% of Cs. inornata mosquitoes. SSH virus was transovarially transmitted by 89% of Cs. inornata, a proposed(More)
Rheological studies of lysed cell suspensions are performed with a magneto acoustic ball microrheometer. Two methods for lysing the cells are developed in order to provide cell volume concentrations identical to control intact cell suspensions. The first uses a freeze-thaw technique and the second uses sonication. It is found that cell suspensions disrupted(More)
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