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Notes: Center discussion papers are preliminary materials circulated to stimulate discussion and critical comments. David Roodman and participants in seminars at M.I.T./Harvard and NYU for comments. Thanks to Compartamos Banco, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Science Foundation for funding support to the project and researchers. All(More)
We use a clustered randomized trial, and over 16,000 household surveys, to estimate impacts at the community level from a group lending expansion at 110% APR by the largest microlender in Mexico. We find no evidence of transformative impacts on 37 outcomes (although some estimates have large confidence intervals), measured at a mean of 27 months(More)
The efficacy of different regimens of therapy for parenchymal brain cysticercosis either with praziquantel (PZQ) or with albendazole (ALB) was compared in 114 patients. Four schemes of treatment were used: PZQ 50 mg/kg per day for 15 days, PZQ 50 mg/kg per day for 8 days, ALB 15 mg/kg per day for 30 days, and ALB 15 mg/kg per day for 8 days. Three months(More)
Thirty-five patients with active neurocysticercosis were treated with praziquantel and followed for 1 year after therapy. CT and CSF analysis showed that 91% of patients with parenchymal cysts improved, and 47% of patients with chronic arachnoiditis had remission. A single treatment with praziquantel for 2 weeks, administered in a daily dose of 50 mg/kg of(More)
UNLABELLED : Thoracic hyperkyphosis is a frequent problem and can impact greatly on patient's quality of life during adolescence. This condition can be idiopathic or secondary to Scheuermann disease, a disease disturbing vertebral growth. To date, there is no sound scientific data available on the management of this condition. Some studies discuss the(More)
The long-run price elasticity of demand for credit is a key parameter for intertemporal modeling, policy levers, and lending practices. We use randomized interest rates, offered across 80 regions by Mexico's largest microlender, to identify a 29-month dollars-borrowed elasticity of-1.9. This elasticity increases from-1.1 in year one to-2.9 in year three.(More)
This research was conducted in six typical villages of Northern Bangladesh. A sample of 170 farmers was selected. Research indicates that the farmers practising agroforestry own small farms and the income of agroforestry helps them to reduce their poverty, maintain their socioeconomic needs and sustain their livelihoods. Agroforestry is not a new concept in(More)
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