Bratati Mallick

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The topological homeostasis of bacterial chromosomes is maintained by the balance between compaction and the topological organization of genomes. Two classes of proteins play major roles in chromosome organization: the nucleoid-associated proteins (NAPs) and topoisomerases. The NAPs bind DNA to compact the chromosome, whereas topoisomerases catalytically(More)
The startling increase in the occurrence of rifampicin (Rif) resistance in the clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis worldwide is posing a serious concern to tuberculosis management. The majority of Rif resistance in bacteria arises from mutations in the RpoB subunit of the RNA polymerase. We isolated M. smegmatis strains harbouring either an(More)
The transcription from rrn and a number of other promoters is regulated by initiating ribonucleotides (iNTPs) and guanosine tetra/penta phosphate [(p)ppGpp], either by strengthening or by weakening of the RNA polymerase (RNAP)-promoter interactions during initiation. Studies in Escherichia coli revealed the importance of a sequence termed discriminator,(More)
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