Brant Jones

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Let ℓ, k be fixed positive integers. In [1], the first and third authors established a bijection between ℓ-cores with first part equal to k and (ℓ − 1)-cores with first part less than or equal to k. This paper gives several new interpretations of that bijection. The ℓ-cores index minimal length coset representatives for f S ℓ /S ℓ where f S ℓ denotes the(More)
The concentration of circulating ferritin was measured in 250 normal adult women and 229 women presenting with early breast cancer. Ferritin concentrations are higher in cancer patients than in normal women. Patients with an intial circulating ferritin concentration above 200 mug/1 have a higher tumour recurrence rate during the subsequent 4 years.
We provide the unique affine crystal structure for type E (1) 6 Kirillov–Reshetikhin crystals corresponding to the multiples of fundamental weights sΛ1, sΛ2, and sΛ6 for all s ≥ 1 (in Bourbaki's labeling of the Dynkin nodes, where 2 is the adjoint node). Our methods introduce a generalized tableaux model for classical highest weight crystals of type E and(More)
The leucocyte migration and guinea-pig macrophage migration procedures were used to assess cell mediated, tumour directed immune reactions in patients with mammary carcinoma undergoing simple mastectomy with or without post-operative irradiation. Forty-seven per cent of patients reacted to autologous tumour antigens and 40% to allogeneic antigens when(More)
The Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials for finite Weyl groups arise in representation theory as well as the geometry of Schubert varieties. It was proved very soon after their introduction that they have nonnegative integer coefficients, but no simple all positive interpretation for them is known in general. Deodhar has given a framework, which generally involves(More)
Employing a high-resolution (velocity resolution deltanu/nu<1.5%) time-sliced ion velocity imaging apparatus, we have examined the photodissociation of CH2BrCl in the photon energy range of 448.6-618.5 kJ/mol (193.3-266.6 nm). Precise translational and angular distributions for the dominant Br(2P32) and Br(2P12) channels have been determined from the ion(More)
Leucocyte migration inhibition by autologous breast tumour cell fractions was mediated by a soluble factor synthesized and released by mononuclear leucocytes and active against migrating granulocytes. This mechanism is similar to that previously described in respect to cell-mediated sensitivity to microbial antigens. Alternative mechanisms involving(More)
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