Brant Jones

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Let ℓ, k be fixed positive integers. In [1], the first and third authors established a bijection between ℓ-cores with first part equal to k and (ℓ − 1)-cores with first part less than or equal to k. This paper gives several new interpretations of that bijection. The ℓ-cores index minimal length coset representatives for f S ℓ /S ℓ where f S ℓ denotes the(More)
Employing a high-resolution (velocity resolution deltanu/nu<1.5%) time-sliced ion velocity imaging apparatus, we have examined the photodissociation of CH2BrCl in the photon energy range of 448.6-618.5 kJ/mol (193.3-266.6 nm). Precise translational and angular distributions for the dominant Br(2P32) and Br(2P12) channels have been determined from the ion(More)
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