Brant Gracia

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Intermediates play important roles in RNA folding but can be difficult to characterize when short-lived or not significantly populated. By combining (15)N relaxation dispersion NMR with chemical probing, we visualized a fast (kex=k1+k-1≈423 s(-1)) secondary structural switch directed towards a low-populated (∼3%) partially folded intermediate in tertiary(More)
Both scientists and the public would benefit from improved communication of basic scientific research and from integrating scientists into education outreach, but opportunities to support these efforts are limited. We have developed two low-cost programs--"Present Your PhD Thesis to a 12-Year-Old" and "Shadow a Scientist"--that combine training in science(More)
Structured RNAs fold through multiple pathways, but we have little understanding of the molecular features that dictate folding pathways and determine rates along a given pathway. Here, we asked whether folding of a complex RNA can be understood from its structural modules. In a two-piece version of the Tetrahymena group I ribozyme, the separated P5abc(More)
For structured RNAs that possess catalytic activity, this activity provides a powerful probe for measuring the progress of folding and the effects of RNA chaperone proteins on the folding rate. The crux of this approach is that only the natively folded RNA is able to perform the catalytic reaction. This method can provide a quantitative measure of the(More)
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