Brant C Jorgenson

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Pesticide runoff from impervious surfaces is a significant cause of aquatic contamination and ecologic toxicity in urban waterways. Effective mitigation requires better understanding and prediction of off-site transport processes. Presented here is a comprehensive study on pesticide washoff from concrete surfaces, including washoff tests, experimental data(More)
Controlled rainfall experiments utilizing drop-forming rainfall simulators were conducted to study various factors contributing to off-target transport of off-the-shelf formulated pyrethroid insecticides from concrete surfaces. Factors evaluated included active ingredient, product formulation, time between application and rainfall (set time), and rainfall(More)
The surface runoff of imidacloprid granular product (GR) from turf surfaces, and imidacloprid emulsifiable concentrate (EC), fipronil suspension concentrate (SC) products and fipronil byproducts from concrete surfaces was investigated during 1h rainfall simulations at 50 mm/h or 25 mm/h with product incubation times of 1.5 h, 1 d, 7 d, and 14 d. About 57.3%(More)
Pyrethroid insecticides used in urban and suburban contexts have been found in urban creek sediments and associated with toxicity in aquatic bioassays. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the main factors contributing to the off-target transport of pyrethroid insecticides from surfaces typical of residential landscapes. Controlled rainfall(More)
Use of pesticides over impervious surfaces like concrete and subsequent washoff and offsite transport significantly contribute to pesticide detection and aquatic toxicity in urban watersheds. This paper presents a comprehensive study on pesticide washoff from concrete surfaces, including reviews of reported experiments and existing models, development of a(More)
The authors developed a simple screening-level model of exposure of aquatic species to pyrethroid insecticides for the lower American River watershed (California, USA). The model incorporated both empirically derived washoff functions based on existing, small-scale precipitation simulations and empirical data on pyrethroid insecticide use and watershed(More)
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