Branko Kolundzija

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Method of moments applied to surface integral equations combined with higher-order basis functions enables full-wave analysis in frequency domain of complex and relatively large structures. The electrical size of solvable problems can be further extended using different techniques: symmetry of the problem, "smart reduction" of expansion(More)
This paper presents design and measured results in synphase patch antenna for anticollision radar at 24GHz. The antenna consists of two linear arrays of 24 series-fed patches. The aim was to design an antenna that in azimuth has lobes below-20dB in ISM range of 24.05-24.25GHz, at which the anticollision radar operates. The realized antenna has gain of(More)
We discuss the application of the sparse processing techniques in the differential breast-cancer imaging. We derive the sparse model by assuming that the parameters of the inhomogeneous breast model are known from the previous measurements. In the linear model, we use the numerically computed three-dimensional Green's functions. We investigate the role of(More)
This paper presents a novel formula for the complex permittivity of lossy dielectrics, which is valid in a broad frequency range and is ensuring a causal impulse response in the time domain. The application of this formula is demonstrated through the analysis of wet soil, where the coefficients of the formula are tuned to match the measured data from the(More)
Basic theory of matrix equilibration is presented, relating it with other techniques for decreasing the condition number of matrix equations obtained by method of moments applied to surface integral equations. Specific variants of matrix equilibration based on diagonal and extended diagonal scaling of basis functions are proposed. Numerical examples(More)
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