Branko Kolarevic

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This paper examines methods in which digital media is employed not as a representational tool for visualization but as a generative tool for the derivation of form and its transformation the digital morphogenesis. It explores the possibilities for the “finding of form,” which the emergence of various digitally based generative techniques seem to bring(More)
Several experiments combining analog design with digital parametric design have been presented, where the relationship between material properties and the designed shape of an architectural element play an important role. This approach allows to create digital material formations or to structure freeform surfaces, control their tectonics, through parametric(More)
Mass customization in the building industry is a relatively new concept. True adaptation of mass customization requires the participation of customers in design to better reflect their expectations. However, architects and homebuilders do not want to deviate from the efficiency of product standardization or selection among products with a standard design.(More)
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