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PSAIA (Protein Structure and Interaction Analyzer) was developed to compute geometric parameters for large sets of protein structures in order to predict and investigate protein-protein interaction sites. In addition to most relevant established algorithms, PSAIA offers a new method PIADA (Protein Interaction Atom Distance Algorithm) for the determination(More)
 The study of Signals and Systems is one of the basic subjects of study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. For a better understanding of this subject, it is necessary for the students to connect theory with the practical examples. The introduction of new technologies discloses great opportunities for a high-quality organization of the(More)
We investigate the origin of volatility in financial markets by defining an analytical model for time evolution of stock share prices. The defined model is similar to the GARCH class of models, but can additionally exhibit bimodal behaviour in the supply–demand structure of the market. Moreover, it differs from existing Ising-type models. It turns out that(More)
This study examines the dynamic linkages between the major equity markets of the world (USA, Japan and Britain) and the emerging markets of South-East Europe (Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary). In particular, we discuss possible differences between their interdependences during the period of the dot-com speculative bubble, as well as during the period of the(More)