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Часопис "Електроника" у издању Електротехничког факултета у Бањој Луци ослобођен је плаћања пореза на промет на основу мишљења Министарства науке и културе Републике Српске, број 06-75/97 од 20. новембра 1997. године. Symposium on Power Electronics, widely known as Ee, is now in its fourth decade. This significant event shows constant interest of(More)
Ethernet Powerlink (EPL) is an industrial Ethernet networking solution commonly used as a communication network in distributed control and automation systems ranging from simple I/O to highly complex motion control applications. The PollResponse Chaining (PRC) mechanism is a new EPL standard feature aimed at increasing the network performance when nodes(More)
The configuration of industrial networks is a very challenging task, especially when complex network structures with a large number of devices and stringent real-time constraints are used. This paper presents a software tool for efficient configuration of EtherCAT networks. The software tool has been tested for different scenarios on real network setup and(More)
PREFACE The International journal "Electronics", published by University of Banja Luka, is devoting its special issue to the 14 International Symposium on Power Electronics-Ee2007. The editor of the th journal Prof. Dr. Branko Dokić has invited me, as a guest-editor, to present the most interesting papers of the symposium. Montenegro Section and Engineering(More)