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Cerebral vasospasm causes permanent neurolological deficit or death occurance in 13% of clinical cases. Peak frequency is from 8-10th day after SAH. The purpose of this study is factor analysis that may have influence on vasospasm development , as well as predictor determination. The study is prospective and analysis 192 patients treated in Institute of(More)
INTRODUCTION Drugs are real and transparent costs of treatment, which are subject to constant monitoring and changes. The study was aimed at measuring and analyzing consumption of anesthetics and other drugs in anesthesia in the Clinical Centre of Serbia. MATERIAL AND METHODS This paper is part of a five-year (2005-2009), academic, pharmacoeconomic(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Different clinical and surgical factors can influence the occurrence of anesthesiologic complications in pediatric neurosurgery. Preoperative knowledge of these factors is of great importance in the application of safe anesthetics and a favorable surgical outcome. The objective was to establish the importance of clinical and(More)
Neurointensive care of patients with subarachnoid haemorrhage is based on the theory that clinical outcome is the consequence of the primary haemorrhage and a number of secondary insults in the acute post haemorrhage period. Several neuromonitoring techniques have been introduced or accomplished into clinical practice in the last decade with the purpose of(More)
INTRODUCTION Awareness is characterized by intraoperative presence of consciousness and recollecting of the events occurring during general anaesthesia. The study was aimed at detecting awareness during general anaesthesia in otorhino-maxillofacial procedure. METHODS The study is a part of a prospective, phase IV academic study carried out at the(More)
INTRODUCTION In anaesthesiology, economic aspects have been insufficiently studied. OBJECTIVE The aim of this paper was the assessment of rational choice of the anaesthesiological services based on the analysis of the scope, distribution, trend and cost. METHODS The costs of anaesthesiological services were counted based on "unit" prices from the(More)
Proper diagnosis of psychoactive substance abuse and addiction, as well as acute intoxication, withdrawal syndrome and overdosing are of great importance in patients who are preparing for surgical intervention. There are some specific details in their preoperative preparation whether they underwent emergency or elective surgery. Good knowledge of the(More)
INTRODUCTION Cost of anaesthesiology represent defined measures to determine a precise profile of expenditure estimation of surgical treatment, which is important regarding planning of healthcare activities, prices and budget. OBJECTIVE In order to determine the actual value of anaestesiological services, we started with the analysis of activity based(More)
Osteo-articular diseases have significant presence among general population. Osteo-articular disorders can be caused by disease or by trauma. There are many osteo-articular diseases which have influence on general state of the organysm and on other present diseases in a various level. The influence appears by increasing risk of main disease complications,(More)