Branko Brackx

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— Future robots will need to perform complex and versatile tasks comparable to those of humans. Due to the unavailability of suitable actuators, however, novel intelligent and agile robots are often restricted in their performances and development. The limited output torque range and low energy efficiency of current robotic actuators are the main(More)
— Almost all of the transtibial prostheses that are available on the market are purely passive devices. These prostheses store (potential) energy in an elastic element during the controlled dorsiflexion phase of stance and release it right after in order to move the body forward. As a result of this, only the energy which has been stored can be used for(More)
— This work describes hardware architecture developed for ALTACRO-Automated Locomotion Training using an Actuated Compliant Robotic Orthosis. The AL-TACRO project focuses on identified challenges in the state of the art of locomotion rehabilitation. The research goals are aimed at improving robot-aided locomotion training by means of active ankle assistance(More)
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