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The paper deals with real-time estimation of PMSM rotor position, which is based on the new, virtual HF injection signal method. The main idea of that is subtraction of virtual injection voltage from real stator voltage. This voltage is acting on PMSM model and causes a virtual current response. After subtraction of acting model current from measured real(More)
This paper presents a new technique to estimate the rotor time constant of vector-controlled induction motors (IMs). The estimation is based on the comparison between the expected speed trajectory corresponding to constant acceleration and the actual speed trajectory of the drive. In fact, when the drive operates under vector control with constant torque(More)
SUMMARY Switched reluctance (SR) machine has various desirable features, which comes from its simple construction. They are the wide speed range, high temperature operation and small moment of inertia. But without any precise control technique no from these advantages could be utilised. SR machine in generating mode also starts to be used and its control(More)
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