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—The paper contains an analysis of the basic criteria for the selection of spreading sequences for the multicarrier CDMA (MC-CDMA) systems with spectrum spreading in the frequency domain. It is shown that the time-domain crosscorrelation function between the spreading sequences is not a proper interference measure for the asynchronous MC-CDMA users.(More)
Cell search is the procedure by which a mobile terminal acquires time and frequency synchronization to the network and detects a cell identity. In this paper, we give a non-hierarchical scheme for OFDM systems, where cell-specific signals are concurrently used for synchronization and cell identification. By using time-domain symmetric signals, the symbol(More)
In this paper, a new construction of optimum sets of zero correlation zone (ZCZ) sequences, derived from generalized chirp-like (GCL) sequences, is presented. A special case with reduced alphabet size is also described. In a set of GCL-ZCZ sequences, the length of the zero correlation zone <i>D</i> has the maximum possible value <i>D</i> = <i>t</i> - 1 for(More)
The paper presents a novel split-and-merge algorithm for hierarchical clustering of Gaussian mixture models, which tends to improve on the local optimal solution determined by the initial constellation. It is initialized by local optimal parameters obtained by using a baseline approach similar to k-means, and it tends to approach more closely to the global(More)