Branislav Kisacanin

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In this correspondence, we present a fast thresholded linear convolution representation of morphological operations. The thresholded linear convolution representation of dilation and erosion is first proposed. A comparison of the efficiency of the direct implementation of morphological operations and the thresholded linear convolution representation of(More)
We present an automotive-grade, real-time, vision-based Driver State Monitor. Upon detecting and tracking the driver's facial features, the system analyzes eye-closures and head pose to infer his/her fatigue or distraction. This information is used to warn the driver and to modulate the actions of other safety systems. The purpose of this monitor is to(More)
Computer vision for human–computer interaction has been in our living rooms for a few years now. We have witnessed an exponential growth in capability of vision systems for computer games, from Sony's EyeToy for PlayStation 2 in 2003, Eye for PlayStation 3 in 2007, to Microsoft's Kinect for XBOX 360 in 2010. In addition to enhancing our interaction with(More)