Branislav Jelenković

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We report on a simple, compact, and robust 780 nm distributed Bragg reflector laser with subkilohertz intrinsic linewidth. An external cavity with optical path length of 3.6 m, implemented with an optical fiber, reduces the laser frequency noise by several orders of magnitude. At frequencies above 100 kHz the frequency noise spectral density is reduced by(More)
High-finesse optical cavities placed under vacuum are foundational platforms in quantum information science with photons and atoms. We study the vacuum-induced degradation of high-finesse optical cavities with mirror coatings composed of SiO₂-Ta₂O₅ dielectric stacks, and present methods to protect these coatings and to recover their initial low loss levels.(More)
1. Squeezed atomic clock operating below the standard quantum limit Sponsors DARPA National Science Foundation – Award ID number PHY 0855052 A two-level quantum system in vacuum—in the absence of any perturbing fields—constitutes an ideal clock whose oscillation frequency ω = E/h is given by the energy difference E between the two levels |1〉, |2〉. In a(More)
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