Branimir Dropuljic

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The significant proportion of severe psychological problems related to intensive stress in recent large peacekeeping operations underscores the importance of effective methods for strengthening the prevention and treatment of stress-related disorders. Adaptive control of virtual reality (VR) stimulation presented in this work, based on estimation of the(More)
Significant proportion of psychological problems related to combat stress in recent large peacekeeping operations underscores importance of effective methods for strengthening the stress resistance of military personnel. Adaptive control of virtual reality (VR) stimulation, based on estimation of the subject's emotional state from physiological signals, may(More)
Serious mental health problems in the current large-scale NATO operations underscore the importance of predeployment mental stress resistance program. Therefore, the development of new effective training tools and coping strategies for the minimization of operational stress disorders is extremely important. The concept of closed-loop virtual reality(More)
Contemporary psychiatry is looking at affective sciences to understand human behavior, cognition and the mind in health and disease. Since it has been recognized that emotions have a pivotal role for the human mind, an ever increasing number of laboratories and research centers are interested in affective sciences, affective neuroscience, affective(More)
As a first step in developing an emotion recognition system from human voice, it is necessary to collect relevant set of emotionally rich utterances that will be used for system training. Thus, a first emotional speech corpus of Croatian language (KEG) was built and annotated. The collection and annotation process together with some interesting statistical(More)
Acoustic and linguistic speech features are used for emotional state estimation of utterances collected within the Croatian emotional speech corpus. Analyses are performed for the classification of 5 discrete emotions, i.e. happiness, sadness, fear, anger and neutral state, as well as for the estimation of two emotional dimensions: valence and arousal.(More)
In this paper we presented solvers for satisfiability testing (SAT) as a novel approach to finding reciprocal payers in banking logs. A term “reciprocal payers” is usually treated as general fraud by using standard techniques such as expert systems, machine learning and in recent times social network analysis. SAT as a technique for data(More)