Brandt Braswell

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The present studies examined the effects of intra-ventral tegmental area (VTA) injection of SCH 23390, a dopamine (DA) D1 receptor antagonist or 7-OH-DPAT, a DA D2/3 receptor agonist, on cocaine-stimulated motor activity. Intra-VTA SCH 23390 (1.5-15 nmol/side) dose-dependently blocked cocaine-induced motor activity. Thus, 15 nmol/side SCH 23390 completely(More)
Financial concerns, design efficiency needs, and new and complex phenomena in submicron technologies have created a need for up-front (pre-schematic) analog design work. Analog designers need tools that allow them to be proactive and evaluate topology tradeoffs and promising approaches before lengthy and laborious simulation work begins. This paper presents(More)
Corner (best- and worst-case) models have been a mainstay of integrated circuit design for decades. Obviously they can be effective, especially for digital CMOS design. However, there are significant inaccuracies that arise when digital CMOS corner models are used for analog circuits, or any types of circuits or measures of circuit performance they were not(More)
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