Brandon Stephens

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Previous studies have demonstrated the presence of ubiquitin-immunoreactivity (Ub-IR) as inclusions and skeins in motor neurones of both the familial and sporadic forms of motor neurone disease (MND). There is evidence that interneurones also degenerate in MND, but Ub-IR in ventral horn spinal interneurones has not been studied previously. Here, Ub-IR was(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the relationship between sleep architecture and behavioral measures in unmedicated children and adolescents with Tourette syndrome (TS), attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), TS and comorbid ADHD (TS + ADHD), and healthy controls. The study also set out to examine differences in sleep architecture with each diagnosis. (More)
What are the best case, current projection and reasonably optimistic cases for the adoption of the IPv6 protocol? This paper will analyze IPv6 routes from the ARIN Project to quantify the current adoption rate in order to offer three distinct views of three possible paths. The data source consists of three hourly points from the last 60 months of IPv6 route(More)
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