Brandon S. Lindley

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Disease control is of paramount importance in public health, with infectious disease extinction as the ultimate goal. Although diseases may go extinct due to random loss of effective contacts where the infection is transmitted to new susceptible individuals, the time to extinction in the absence of control may be prohibitively long. Intervention controls(More)
We study the effects of discrete, randomly distributed time delays on the dynamics of a coupled system of self-propelling particles. Bifurcation analysis on a mean field approximation of the system reveals that the system possesses patterns with certain universal characteristics that depend on distinguished moments of the time delay distribution.(More)
— We study the effects of noise on the dynamics of a system of coupled self-propelling particles in the case where the coupling is time-delayed, and the delays are discrete and randomly generated. Previous work has demonstrated that the stability of a class of emerging patterns depends upon all moments of the time delay distribution, and predicts their(More)
One of the standard experimental probes of a viscoelastic material is to measure the response of a layer trapped between parallel surfaces, imposing either periodic stress or strain at one boundary and measuring the other. The relative phase between stress and strain yields solid-like and liquid-like properties, called the storage and loss moduli,(More)
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