Brandon Rasmussen

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Complications of leukemia that required surgery in twenty-five patients over a five year interval were reviewed. Sixteen patients with chronic leukemia underwent a total of twenty-one operations with one operative death. Nine patients with acute leukemia required ten operations, with two operative deaths. These patients tend to have specific types of(More)
A histochemical study was performed to determine the cellular localization of selenium in the adrenals from rats exposed to sodium selenite, as these organs were known to obtain the highest concentration in the rats. Male rats were treated either with 1-15 mg of sodium selenite for 14 days to 6 months in the drinking water, or with 1-20 mg as(More)
An Instrument Surveillance and Calibration Verification (ISCV) system primarily consists of a process model, which is used to verify the output of the measurement instruments in that process. Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and Partial Least Squares (PLS) are two methods, which can be used for model development. The linear transformation of the PLS method(More)
Redundant sensors have been widely used in safety critical facilities such as nuclear power and chemical plants. As these industries strive to move towards condition-based sensor calibration practices, on-line calibration verification algorithms must be developed. Independent component analysis (ICA) can be applied for redundant sensor validation.(More)
This paper presents a comparison of methods for industrial on-line sensor calibration monitoring for redundant sensors. Principal component analysis (PCA) and independent component analysis (ICA) techniques are developed and compared using both simulated data and data sets from an operating nuclear power plant. The performance is dependent on the types of(More)