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BACKGROUND Because perioperative complications of unrecognized obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can be severe, many bariatric surgery programs routinely screen all patients. However, many obese non-bariatric surgery patients do not get screened. We wanted to evaluate the need for routine preoperative OSA screening. METHODS Morbidly obese patients with a body(More)
PURPOSE We report a rare case of primary uveal lymphoma and characterize it using histopathology and multimodal imaging. PATIENT AND METHODS A 41-year-old male presented with a 2-year history of increasingly blurry vision in his right eye and no systemic symptoms. Examination revealed a retinal detachment and mass lesion in the right eye. Radiologic and(More)
Purpose: To present an unusual case of a cervical rib as a cause of subclavian artery occlusion and thoracic outlet syndrome. Procedures: Case report Results: A 39-year-old female presented to the emergency room with a 2-day history of unilateral headache, facial tingling, and slurred speech, along with a 2-month history of left upper extremity weakness and(More)
In healthy subjects, head tilt upon cessation of a constant-velocity yaw head rotation shortens the duration of postrotatory nystagmus. The presumed mechanism for this effect is that the velocity storage of horizontal semicircular canal inputs is being discharged by otolith organ inputs which signal a constant yaw head position when the head longitudinal(More)
To Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, whose example, encouragement, and friendship inspires me to continue along this academic path. ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS As with any work of this nature, this could not have been done alone. I'd like to thank all of the members of the Zochowski lab, especially Rhonda Dzakpasu for teaching me the cell culture protocol, Jane Wang and Eva(More)
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