Brandon O’Neal

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OBJECT Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) offers noninvasive bedside measurement of direct regional cerebral arteriovenous (mixed) brain oxygenation. To validate the accuracy of this monitoring technique, the authors analyzed the statistical correlation of NIRS and CT perfusion with respect to regional cerebral blood flow (CBF) measurements. METHODS The(More)
The small-scale harvesting equipment system has been and continues to grow in use in forestry operations in some regions in the world. This harvest system can include a range of equipment types, such as feller-bunchers or chainsaws, skidders or farm tractors, and chippers. These machines are generally smaller, lower cost and less productive than larger,(More)
Stroke is a common, potentially devastating disease with potential high morbidity and mortality. Recognition at the onset of acute ischemic stroke is pivotal to changing outcomes such as intravenous thrombolysis. Stroke monitoring is a burgeoning field with various methods described and newer devices that aid in detecting acute or worsening ischemia that(More)
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