Brandon Nicholson

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Special thanks to the 267 busy California principals who completed our interview. Allison Chen and Susanna Yi co-directed statewide data collection. Brandon Nicholson ran the web-based component of the survey, then built the final data file with Susanna Yi and Michael Newton-McLaughlin. The steady work of connecting with and interviewing principals was(More)
AIM There is a paucity of work documenting the influence of patterns of care on survival for teenagers and young adults with primary central nervous system tumours. Therefore, the aim of this study was to undertake a detailed assessment examining any changes in the patterns of care over time and how these related to survival outcomes for 16-24 year olds(More)
While governments are transitioning to the cloud to leverage efficiency, transparency and accessibility advantages, public opinion - the backbone of democracy - is being left behind. Statistics show that traditional paper voting is failing to reach the technological-savvy generation, with voter turnout decreasing every election for many first-world(More)
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