Brandon Murakami

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We address the tachyonic slepton problem of anomaly mediated supersymmetry breaking using abelian D-terms. We demonstrate that the most general extra U(1) symmetry that does not disrupt gauge coupling unification has a large set of possible charges that solves the problem. It is shown that previous studies in this direction that added both an extra(More)
The see-saw mechanism of neutrino mass generation, when incorporated in supersymmetric theories with supergravity mediated supersymmetry breaking, results in low-energy leptonflavour violation arising from the soft supersymmetry breaking slepton masses. The parameter space of supergravity theories with conserved R-parity is severely constrained by the(More)
Attention is called to potentially dangerous lepton-flavor violation (LFV) induced by the D-terms of additional U(1) flavor-dependent gauge symmetries in supersymmetric models. In such models, LFV persists despite an arbitrarily high scale for the U(1) breaking and despite arbitrarily small gauge couplings. In light of recent experimental observations of(More)
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