Brandon M Meyers

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Caffeine increases time to fatigue [limit of endurance (T(lim))] during submaximal isometric contractions without altering whole muscle activation or neuromuscular junction transmission. We used 10 male volunteers in a randomized, double-blind, repeated-measures experiment to examine single motor unit firing rates during intermittent submaximal contractions(More)
We devised a method to assess the force-frequency relationship (FFR) in human skeletal muscle that involved delivery of a single 2.8-s train of shocks directly to the femoral nerve. This increasing-frequency train (IFT) was based on a power function, with a range of stimulation frequencies beginning at 5 Hz and rising to 100 Hz. We compared the IFT to a(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of lifting a bin with a variable centre of mass on muscle activity, with and without knowledge of the centre of mass. BACKGROUND Numerous parameters related to lifting have been examined yet the effects of changing the load centre of mass in two dimensions, with or without knowledge, has not been examined. METHODS(More)
The objective of this systematic review was to provide current evidence regarding the use of adjuvant systemic chemotherapy for stage II and III colon cancer following curative intent surgery. MEDLINE and EMBASE databases and proceedings of American Society for Clinical Oncology and European Society of Medical Oncology/European Cancer Congress were searched(More)
BACKGROUND Updated practice guidelines on adjuvant chemotherapy for completely resected colon cancer are lacking. In 2008, Cancer Care Ontario's Program in Evidence-Based Care developed a guideline on adjuvant therapy for stages ii and iii colon cancer. With newer regimens being assessed in this patient population and older agents being either abandoned(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the present work was to make recommendations about the use of systemically administered drugs in combination or in sequence with radiation (rt) or surgery, or both, for cure or organ preservation, or both, in patients with locally advanced nonmetastatic (stages iii-ivb) squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (lascchn). METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Frailty has been proposed by geriatricians as an indicator of functional age. The Edmonton Frail Scale (EFS) is a 15-point incremental scale; it is quick (<5 min), and simple to administer. We conducted an exploratory study to establish if the EFS add utility to clinician's expertise by determining if there was an association between EFS and(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the available evidence and make recommendations regarding use of systemically administered drugs in combination or in sequence with radiation (RT) and/or surgery for cure and/or organ preservation in patients with locally advanced nonmetastatic (Stage III to IVB) squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (LASCCHN). METHOD(More)
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