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SUMMARY The program Fluctuation AnaLysis CalculatOR (FALCOR) is a web tool designed for use with Luria-Delbrück fluctuation analysis to calculate the frequency and rate from various mutation assays in bacteria and yeast. Three calculation methods are available through this program: (i) Ma-Sandri-Sarkar Maximum Likelihood Estimator (MSS-MLE) method, (ii)(More)
Acknowledgments This thesis has been the product of collaboration with several people. Above all, I would like to acknowledge the guidance I received from my advisor, Mike Dahlin. Mike provided signicant direction on a number of key points in the evolution of this work, but most importantly, under his tutelage I have come to recognize what good systems(More)
Senescent cells (SCs) have been considered a source of age-related chronic sterile systemic inflammation and a target for anti-aging therapies. To understand mechanisms controlling the amount of SCs, we analyzed the phenomenon of rapid clearance of human senescent fibroblasts implanted into SCID mice, which can be overcome when SCs were embedded into(More)
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