Brandon K Wyss

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Dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs) have drawn much interest for the regeneration of mineralized tissues, and several studies have compared DPSCs to bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BMMSCs). However, conflicting results, possibly due to donor-associated variability, have been published and the regenerative potential of DPSCs is currently unclear. In(More)
OBJECTIVE We recently reported that murine marrow cultured ex vivo for gamma-retrovirus transduction engrafts approximately 10-fold less well than fresh marrow upon transplantation into submyeloablated hosts. Here, we evaluated homing efficiency as a potential mechanism for this engraftment disparity, and whether CD26 inhibition with the tripeptide Diprotin(More)
OBJECTIVE Standard competitive repopulation assays have proven valuable in evaluating engraftment potential in ablated hosts, permitting comparisons between various test cell populations. However, no similar method exists to compare engraftment of test cells in submyeloablated hosts, which would be helpful given the applications of reduced-intensity(More)
We studied the growth, differentiation and ability to support hematopoiesis of long-term cultured murine marrow-derived mesenchymal cells (MC) cultured in serum-containing medium but without additional cytokines. Unfractionated marrow from C57Bl6/J (Bl/6; CD45.2+) mice was plated in DMEM with 10% bovine serum; adherent cells were passaged when >80%(More)
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