Brandon Jones

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We consider ways of measuring the cohesion of program fragments based upon techniques for program slicing, following the work of Ott et al 12, 2, 13, 11, 10]. The approach is based on the idea that the intersection of a program's slices represents that part of the fragment which is cohesive. We produce cohesion metrics that are structurally identical to(More)
Network security systems inspect packet payloads for signatures of attacks. These systems use regular expression matching at their core. Many techniques for implementing regular expression matching at line rate have been proposed. Solutions differ in the type of automaton used (i.e., deterministic vs. non-deterministic) and in the configuration of(More)
The purpose of this review is to outline the most common objections about robotic coronary artery bypass graft (CABG), often expressed by cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, and administrators who have little direct knowledge of the procedure. The summarized objections include the high intraoperative costs of robotic versus traditional CABG, a prolonged and(More)
The X-ray crystal structures of cytochrome P-450CAM complexed with both enantiomers of a chiral, multifunctional inhibitor have been refined to R-factors of 21.0% [(+)-enantiomer] and 19.6% [(-)-enantiomer] at approximately 2.1-A resolution. Binding of either enantiomer, both considerably larger than the natural substrate camphor, results in similar,(More)
Although only a subset of protein enzymes depend on the presence of a metal ion for their catalytic function, all naturally occurring RNA enzymes require metal ions to stabilize their structure and for catalytic competence. In the self-splicing group I intron from Tetrahymena thermophila, several divalent metals can serve structural roles, but only Mg2+ and(More)
Glucocorticoids influence cell proliferation and differentiation in the lung. We examined the expression of the glucocorticoid receptor (GR) gene in urethan-induced mouse lung tumors and transformed lung cell lines to determine whether any altered responsiveness to these steroids is involved in the neoplastic development of some lung tumors. We find that a(More)
Sulfur dioxide, a ubiquitous air pollutant, is a co-carcinogen for benzo[a]pyrene (BP). We have demonstrated previously that the interaction between sulfite, the physiological form of sulfur dioxide, and (+/-) -7r,8t-dihydroxy-9t,10t-epoxy-7,8,9,10-tetrahydrobenzo[a]pyrene (anti-BPDE), the ultimate carcinogenic form of BP, results in an enhanced mutagenic(More)
NEDD9 is an established marker of invasive and metastatic cancers. NEDD9 downregulation has been shown to dramatically reduce cell invasion and metastasis in multiple tumors. The mechanisms by which NEDD9 regulates invasion are largely unknown. In the current study, we have found that NEDD9 is required for matrix metalloproteinase 14 (MMP14) enzymatic(More)
There are several models for the CYP2D6 active site with the characteristics of their substrates and inhibitors well defined (1–3). Imipramine possesses such characteristics and is both a substrate and an inhibitor of the CYP2D6 enzyme (4–6). Possible synthetic strategies to avoid interaction with the enzyme have been investigated, including: attenuation of(More)