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Network security systems inspect packet payloads for signatures of attacks. These systems use regular expression matching at their core. Many techniques for implementing regular expression matching at line rate have been proposed. Solutions differ in the type of automaton used (i.e., deterministic vs. non-deterministic) and in the configuration of(More)
NEDD9 is an established marker of invasive and metastatic cancers. NEDD9 downregulation has been shown to dramatically reduce cell invasion and metastasis in multiple tumors. The mechanisms by which NEDD9 regulates invasion are largely unknown. In the current study, we have found that NEDD9 is required for matrix metalloproteinase 14 (MMP14) enzymatic(More)
The recent rise in the popularity of mobile computing has brought the attention of mobile security to the forefront. As users depend more on tablets and smartphones, sensitive data is left to be secured using devices with vastly weaker resources than a typical computer. As mobile technology matures, the industry is starting to provide devices with multiple(More)
This paper presents an overview of a human-robotic system under development at Cornell which is capable of mapping an unknown environment, as well as discovering, tracking, and neutralizing several static and dynamic objects of interest. In addition, the robots can coordinate their individual tasks with one another without overly burdening a human operator.(More)
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