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In this article, we analyze the relationship between family violence and risky sexual activity for female adolescents (age 14 to 17). We examine two forms of family violence: experience (receiving physical abuse from a parent or parent-figure) and exposure (witnessing interparental physical violence). We hypothesize that either form of violence will predict(More)
Pressure sores are a health problem that crosses clinical practice settings. Today, emphasis is on prevention by identification of risk factors associated with pressure sore development. The Braden and Bergstrom (1987) schema of etiologies of pressure sores has been reported to be a useful predictor of client risk for pressure sore development. This(More)
This study examined the effects of support group participation on bereaved individuals' levels of perceived support and stress. Using a single group pretest/posttest design, data were collected from a convenience sample of 21 grieving individuals who participated in 10 weekly support group sessions. Perceived stress decreased significantly (P less than(More)
Valsalva maneuver has been suspected of precipitating pulmonary embolism (PE), but the association of the two variables has not been studied. The purpose of this retrospective study was to begin to investigate whether Valsalva behavior is associated with subsequent PE. The frequency of Valsalva behaviors prior to confirmed PE in 30 patients was compared to(More)
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