Brandon George

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The OneOklahoma Friction Free Network (OFFN) is a dedicated multi-institutional research-only "Science DMZ" network that connects the state's academic Cyberinfrastructure resources -- including all four high performance computing centers -- that is available for use by all Oklahoma academics plus their collaborators. A project of the OneOklahoma(More)
In the era of Big Data, research productivity can be highly sensitive to the availability of large scale, long term archival storage. Unfortunately, many mass storage systems are prohibitively expensive at scales appropriate for individual institutions rather than for national centers. Furthermore, a key issue is the set of circumstances under which(More)
Wavelength tunable sampled grating distributed Bragg reflector (SG-DBR) lasers used for telecommunications applications have previously demonstrated the ability for linear frequency ramps covering the entire tuning range of the laser at 100 kHz repetition rates 1. An individual SG-DBR laser has a typical tuning range of 50 nm. The InGaAs/InP material system(More)
Longitudinal imaging studies allow great insight into how the structure and function of a subject's internal anatomy changes over time. Unfortunately, the analysis of longitudinal imaging data is complicated by inherent spatial and temporal correlation: the temporal from the repeated measures and the spatial from the outcomes of interest being observed at(More)
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