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Spam-based marketing is a curious beast. We all receive the advertisements---"Excellent hardness is easy!"---but few of us have encountered a person who admits to following through on this offer and making a purchase. And yet, the relentlessness by which such spam continually clogs Internet inboxes, despite years of energetic deployment of antispam(More)
We report on the aftermath of the discovery of a severe vulnerability in the Debian Linux version of OpenSSL. Systems affected by the bug generated predictable random numbers, most importantly public/private keypairs. To study user response to this vulnerability, we collected a novel dataset of daily remote scans of over 50,000 SSL/TLS-enabled Web servers,(More)
Spam-based advertising is a business. While it has engendered both widespread antipathy and a multi-billion dollar anti-spam industry, it continues to exist because it fuels a profitable enterprise. We lack, however, a solid understanding of this enterprise's full structure, and thus most anti-Spam interventions focus on only one facet of the overall spam(More)
In this paper we highlight a number of challenges that arise in using crawling to measure the size, topology, and dynamism of distributed botnets. These challenges include traffic due to unrelated applications, address alias-ing, and other active participants on the network such as poisoners. Based upon experience developing a crawler for the Storm botnet,(More)
Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors or originators and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. We are deeply grateful to the Netalyzr users for enabling this study and to our beta testers for the insightful comments and feedback. We would particularly(More)
  • Haider M. Al-Mashhadi, Mohammed H. Alabiech, +34 authors Alfredo Freyre
  • 2017
Email security becomes a sensitive case to study in the field of information security. From the most important security issues of network is how to secure Email from the threats that can be exposed of the security of massages by attackers. In addition, what are the techniques that can be using to secure the Email? Different solutions and several standards(More)
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