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Preseason Shoulder Strength Measurements in Professional Baseball Pitchers
Background: The ability to identify pitchers at risk for injury could be valuable to a professional baseball organization. To our knowledge, there have been no prior studies examining the predictiveExpand
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The Use of Suture Anchors in Repair of the Ruptured Patellar Tendon
Background Rupture of the patellar tendon is a disabling injury that usually requires surgical treatment. The standard method of repair involves placing suture loops through transpatellar tunnels.Expand
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Success of Nonoperative Management of Adductor Longus Tendon Ruptures in National Football League Athletes
Background Acute complete ruptures of the proximal adductor longus tendon are rare but challenging injuries to treat. The limited literature supports operative treatment, but data from management ofExpand
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Correlation of Torque and Elbow Injury in Professional Baseball Pitchers
Background: During the pitching motion, velocity is generated by the upper extremity kinetic chain on internal rotation of the shoulder and trunk translational/rotational motion. This generation ofExpand
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Management of intra-articular metacarpal base fractures of the second through fifth metacarpals.
Intra-articular fractures of the second through fifth metacarpal bases are uncommon injuries but can result in serious morbidity if improperly managed. These injuries usually occur because of forcedExpand
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Complications in dorsal percutaneous cannulated screw fixation of nondisplaced scaphoid waist fractures.
PURPOSE With advances in tools and techniques, percutaneous screw fixation of nondisplaced fractures of the scaphoid waist has gained increasing popularity in recent years as an alternative toExpand
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Treatment of Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Documented Isolated Grade III Lateral Collateral Ligament Injuries in National Football League Athletes
Background Isolated high-grade tears of the lateral collateral ligament (LCL) of the knee are rare, as most injuries are part of a broader pattern of damage to the posterolateral corner. Limited dataExpand
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Radiologic and clinical evaluation of a bioabsorbable collagen implant to treat partial-thickness tears: a prospective multicenter study.
BACKGROUND Treatment of partial-thickness cuff tears remains controversial. Although conservative therapy may treat symptoms, these defects do not spontaneously heal and conversion to aExpand
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Bony instability of the shoulder.
Instability of the shoulder is a common problem treated by many orthopaedists. Instability can result from baseline intrinsic ligamentous laxity or a traumatic event-often a dislocation that injuresExpand
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Association of Maximum Pitch Velocity and Elbow Injury in Professional Baseball Pitchers
Background Recent literature has explored the association of upper extremity injury in baseball players with various aspects of the pitching motion. To our knowledge, no study has directly evaluatedExpand
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