Brandon D. Miller

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The budding yeast spindle pole body (SPB) is anchored in the nuclear envelope so that it can simultaneously nucleate both nuclear and cytoplasmic microtubules. During SPB duplication, the newly formed SPB is inserted into the nuclear membrane. The mechanism of SPB insertion is poorly understood but likely involves the action of integral membrane proteins to(More)
Volume expansion could inhibit renal nerve activity by stimulating cardiopulmonary baroreflexes or by increasing arterial pressure (i.e., stimulating the sinoaortic baroreflexes). Our study assessed the relative roles of these two reflexes in the renal nerve activity responses to volume expansion (15 ml/kg 6% dextran in normal saline). With cardiopulmonary(More)
Five monkeys trained to perform with the extremity contralateral to a stimulus had unilateral neglect induced by frontal and reticular formation lesions. Postoperatively the performance of the animals was abnormal only on ipsilateral stimulation, which suggests that the mechanism underlying neglect in these subjects is not deafferentation of sensory(More)
It has been recently reported that intracoronary acetylstrophanthidin injection acutely sensitizes the cardiac baroreflex (vagal afferents). We wondered whether chronic administration of digoxin also augmented the gain of this reflex. We treated seven dogs with digoxin intravenously (40 micrograms/kg loading dose followed by 15 for 7(More)
The antiarrhythmic action of lidocaine has been attributed solely to its direct electrophysiological effects on the heart. However, lidocaine is particularly effective in treating ventricular arrhythmias associated with increased sympathetic activity, e.g., in myocardial infarction and digitalis toxicity. We tested the hypothesis that lidocaine administered(More)
Features of the courses in 12 children who died of an acute attack of asthma were compared with those in 12 children of comparable age and sex who had a life-threatening attack of asthma but survived. Information obtained by structured interviews with the families and physicians and from the medical records was used to characterize (1) the patient, family,(More)
It has been demonstrated that anesthesia primarily affects the reticular activating system and psychological studies on patients undergoing anesthesia demonstrated a verbal memory defect. This study was performed in order to determine whether metabolic (uremic) encephalopathy follows the Jacksonian dissolution hypothesis and disrupts cortical function or(More)