Brandon Carlson

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BACKGROUND Cobb measurement of standing radiographs is the standard for clinical assessment of coronal spinal deformity. Angle of trunk inclination (ATI) is an accepted clinical measurement of trunk asymmetry, and has variable reported correlations with Cobb angles. Transverse plane spine deformity is most accurately measured using axial computed(More)
STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional mail questionnaire. OBJECTIVE Assess the feasibility of translating total and domain scores from Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)-24, SRS-23, and SRS-22 to SRS-22r. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Three successive editions of the original SRS-24 health-related quality-of-life questionnaire have resulted from efforts to improve(More)
BACKGROUND We have occasionally observed clinically noticeable postoperative transverse plane pelvic rotation increase (TPPRI) in the direction of direct thoracolumbar/lumbar rotational corrective load applied during posterior instrumentation and arthrodesis for double (Lenke 3 and 6) adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) curves. Our purposes were to(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Hydroxyapatite-calcium triphosphate (HCT) biphasic compounds are known to be efficacious in filling bone voids. No large study to date has assessed their radiographic efficacy in iliac crest voids with computed tomography (CT) analysis at a 2-year follow-up. PURPOSE To assess whether backfilling iliac crest defects with HCT biphasic(More)
STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional mail questionnaire. OBJECTIVE Examination of the underlying construct validity of the Scoliosis Research Society-22r (SRS-22r) Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) Questionnaire using factor analysis. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The original SRS-24 HRQoL questionnaire has undergone a series of modifications in an effort to(More)
Tobacco use has documented negative effects on perioperative complications and clinical outcomes. Smoking cessation before spinal surgery may improve clinical outcomes. The goal of this study was to determine the recidivism rate after smoking cessation before spinal fusion. A prospective observational study was performed at the University of Kansas Medical(More)
INTRODUCTION Members of the Scoliosis Research Society are required to annually submit complication data regarding deaths, visual acuity loss, neurological deficit and infection (2012-1st year for this measure) for all deformity operations performed. The purpose of this study is to report the 2012 results and the differences in these complications from the(More)
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