Brandon Anderson

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BACKGROUND Dalfampridine extended release 10mg tablets (D-ER) have demonstrated improvement in walking for ambulatory persons with multiple sclerosis (pwMS), termed "responders." OBJECTIVE This study examined the extent additional aspects of gait and dexterity change for patients prescribed D-ER. METHODS Over 14-weeks, walking endurance, dynamic gait,(More)
The great cost of added radiation shielding is a potential limiting factor in many deep space missions. For this enabling technology, we are developing tools for optimized shield design over multi-segmented missions involving multiple work and living areas in the transport and duty phase of various space missions. The total shield mass over all pieces of(More)
Spin-orbit-coupled cold atomic gases are proposed as a model system for observing the signatures of quantum chaos. In most systems encountered in our everyday life, small changes in the initial conditions can lead to widely diverging outcomes. Think, for example, of the drawing of lottery numbers. Even if great care was taken in the initial positioning of(More)
The work of healthcare is performed in a guild fashion with few instances of simultaneous cooperative work that crosses traditional boundaries of responsibility and authority. The following is a case of resilient performance during a medical crisis, in which several individuals from unrelated specialties who had never before worked together cooperatively,(More)
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