Brandon Abbs

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Understanding sex differences in stress regulation has important implications for understanding basic physiological differences in the male and female brain and their impact on vulnerability to sex differences in chronic medical disorders associated with stress response circuitry. In this functional magnetic resonance imaging study, we demonstrated that(More)
We tested the predictions of HyGene (Thomas et al., 2008) that both divided attention at encoding and judgment should affect the degree to which participants' probability judgments violate the principle of additivity. In two experiments, we showed that divided attention during judgment leads to an increase in subadditivity, suggesting that the comparison(More)
There is increasing evidence regarding the importance of the hypothalamus for understanding sex differences in relation to neurological, psychiatric, endocrine and sleep disorders. Although different in histology, physiology, connections and function, multiple hypothalamic nuclei subserve non-voluntary functions and are nodal points for the purpose of(More)
Women have consistently demonstrated better verbal memory on tests that evaluate immediate and delayed free recall. In patients with schizophrenia, these verbal memory processes are relatively more preserved in women than men. However an understanding of the brain anatomy of the female advantage for verbal memory is still unclear. 29 females and 59 males(More)
We describe a set of pictorial and auditory stimuli that we have developed for use in word learning tasks in which the participant learns pairings of novel auditory sound patterns (names) with pictorial depictions of novel objects (referents). The pictorial referents are drawings of "space aliens," consisting of images that are variants of 144 different(More)
Response to stress is dysregulated in psychosis (PSY). fMRI studies showed hyperactivity in hypothalamus (HYPO), hippocampus (HIPP), amygdala (AMYG), anterior cingulate (ACC), orbital and medial prefrontal (OFC; mPFC) cortices, with some studies reporting sex differences. We predicted abnormal steroid hormone levels in PSY would be associated with sex(More)
Working memory deficits in schizophrenia are key cognitive features of the disorder and have been demonstrated to involve a circuit of brain regions. Here we model this circuitry with a connectionist model representing 3 key processing areas of the circuitry: anterior cingulate gyrus (ACG), dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC), and parietal cortex. The(More)
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