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In Defense of Uncle Tom: Why Blacks Must Police Racial Loyalty
'Uncle Tom' is the most piercing epithet blacks can hurl at one another. It marks targets as race traitors, and that painful stain is often permanent. Much more than a slur, Uncle Tom is a vitalExpand
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Book Proposal: Uncle Tom & Social Norms: Improving Legal Interests and Affecting Public Policy
Racial solidarity, by marshalling support for certain goals, provides blacks a path toward legal gains. By itself, it surely is not enough. In concert with other tools, however, racial solidarity canExpand
Inconsistent Originalism and the Need for Equal Protection Re-Invigoration
After Washington v. Davis, the Equal Protection Clause, as in Plessy v. Ferguson, was interpreted to prevent racial justice for communities of color. The Davis Court announced the intent doctrine;Expand
Criminal Procedure, Jury Discrimination & the Pre-Davis Intent Doctrine: The Seeds of a Weak Equal Protection Clause
The Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause, which is supposed to remedy racial discrimination, ironically entrenches it. This paradox is owed to the Intent Doctrine, which requires claimantsExpand
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The Intent Doctrine
It is almost always pointless for minority victims of state-sponsored discrimination to file suit because the words that are supposed to prevent discrimination, the Equal Protection Clause, have beenExpand