Brandly Cole

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UNLABELLED DESIGN/OBJECTIVES: Consistent rodent evidence indicates that opioid exposure will decrease the rodent's pain threshold (ptr). This is termed opioids-induced hyperalgesia (OIH). Currently, the consistency of the evidence for the occurrence of OIH in humans is unclear. This is a structured evidence-based review for all levels of evidence (all(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were the following: to determine if fatigue is present in chronic low back pain (LBP) and chronic neck pain patients to a greater extent than in controls (nonpatients); to determine which variables are associated with the presence of fatigue; and to determine which of the above chronic pain patient (CPP) groups is(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives of this evidence-based review were to review the evidence for whether neuropathic pain (NP) is associated with chronic low back pain (CLBP) and soft tissue syndromes (STS), and review the reported prevalence percentages for NP within these syndromes. METHODS Of 816 reports, 11 addressed the diagnosis of NP in CLBP and five of NP(More)
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