Brandi Stevenson

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A survey of 69 children presenting with recurrent or persistent haematuria and submitted to percutaneous renal biopsy at this hospital over a 17-year period, was performed to establish the incidence of thin basement membrane nephropathy (TBMN). A diagnosis of primary glomerular disease was established in 44 (IgA nephropathy in 16, Alport's syndrome in 13(More)
Periodic acid-Schiff (PAS)-positive deposits have been demonstrated in the central nervous system (CNS) of patients suffering from a wide variety of neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer's disease, presenile dementia, Parkinson's disease, diabetes mellitus, myoclonic epilepsy, and cerebral palsy. The etiology of these deposits and their(More)
The pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis might be more easily understood and the efficacy of therapeutic measures might be more accurately assessed if a convenient animal replica of this disease were available for laboratory study. Intraperitoneal injection of homogenates of inflamed synovium taken at operation from patients with rheumatoid arthritis(More)
Central venous catheters (CVCs) for patients with AIDS are at risk of a number of complications including bacterial infections. A 6-year retrospective review was undertaken of the records of the 33 patients (42% infected by injection drug use (IDU)) who received intravenous therapy both in hospital and at home via CVCs. Twenty-eight per cent of 53(More)
A comparative study of the distribution of immunoglobulins G, M, and A and C3 in the synovium and inside synovial fluid leucocytes and of the relative levels of IgG, IgM, AND C3 in paired samples of serum and synovial fluid from both seropositive and seronegative patients with rheumatoid arthritis and other types of non-infective synovitis shows that(More)
Groups of 114 (control) or 66 (treated) rats of each sex were fed diets providing 0 (control), 100, 400 or 1200 mg carmoisine/kg body weight/day for 9 wk. Within each group the animals were mated monogamously. Treatment continued uninterrupted until the young were randomly selected (where possible one/sex/litter) from each of the litters to provide groups(More)
Groups of 66 (treated) or 114 (control) rats of each sex were fed diets providing 0 (control), 50, 500 or 1250 mg Ponceau 4R/kg body weight/day for 60 days. The animals were then mated and allowed to rear their litters. At weaning, pups were selected for the long-term study to give treated groups of 54 (of each sex) and a control group of 96 (of each sex),(More)
Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) and tuberculosis (TB) are diseases with effective available therapy. Treating patients who are afflicted simultaneously with both of these conditions is challenging due to significant drug interactions and the requirement of strict adherence to the multi-agent treatment regimen. Here, we report a case of peritoneal(More)